Research Quest: Equador Adopts Rights of Nature in its Constitution

The website that I found had the actual PDF of the Constitution with it’s added Rights for Nature!

By adding Rights for Nature into their Constitution, it acknowledges that all life forms have “the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate it’s vital cycles, and we the people, have the legal authority to enforce these rights on behalf of ecosystems.” This BRILLIANTLY makes the ‘Ecosystem’ a dependent in court, which is revolutionary for Environmental Law. But wait a minute… this happened in 2008! Why are we just hearing about it now?? We are not hearing about it because the media does not want us to. They are ignoring the topic for the sole reason that this addition to the constitution is TERRIBLY bad for business. The economy would pretty much shut down because it gives nature it’s own right-bearing entity therefore preventing it from being disturbed or exploited which eliminates any chance of the government using it for it’s own personal benefit. Uh oh Ottawa, this may not be common knowledge yet, but just because it has been hidden for 5 years, does not mean it will stay in the dark forever.

To find out more about this topic, I also referred to the Project Censored article about this particular issue and not only did this inform me about how sneaky the media is by hiding this story from the general population, but I also found it interesting that it said there are still ways around this law:

“[governments] will argue that funding [a] political project, which will bring ‘well being and relieve poverty,’ overrules the rights of nature.”

“To mention a couple of examples, the law does not prohibit large-scale mining in habitats harboring endangered species, nor the dumping of heavy metals in rivers and streams.”

I am actually SO thankful that you showed us this article because I want to continue my Education in Environmental Law and I did not even know about this! This addition to law all around the world would be the path to an ecologically sustainable future! The hard part is spreading the word and convincing all these corporate bastards that saving the environment and our civilization is more important then making profit so the 1% can keep living large. Excuse my language, but I hope this expresses my anger on these issues: these selfish people need to wake the fuck up. YOU DO NOT NEED ALL THAT MONEY. Yet they are the ones in power, with all the influence and money to buy their right to be elite with no second thoughts to what happens to the rest of humanity. Sorry if this got long, emotional or carried away, but I really wanted to thank you for choosing this article because I need to write an essay for my third year “Nature and the Writer” English class, and this clearly is something I can write passionately about (by describing how the impact of this law, and having legislature that shows that nature is a dependent, is completely revolution and deserves to be globally broadcast.

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